Why Essere Vegano?

The Essere Vegano Style

Every piece that you will find in this store has been hand-picked from a range of outfits designed by fresh and upcoming designers. We have consciously chosen Vegan fabrics that are breathable, light-weight and feather-like. The vision behind this store is to empower women to feel strong and beautiful when they don our designs.

We intend to bring forth fashion that’s bold and experimental yet affordable for every customer. While supporting a fresh pool of designers, we also wish to establish new fashion trends. For this purpose, we encourage fashion school graduates giving them due credit for their amazing designs. This gets reflected in the kind of prints, designs and colors that you will shop at our store.

Authentic Vegan Fashion

We use plant-based breathable fabrics that do not harm the environment. From pineapple fiber to biodegradable polyester, our fabrics feel fantastic on any skin or body type.

American company with a vision

We are based out of New York City and our fabrics are sourced from across the globe. We do not endorse nor practise slave labor while following industry standards of manufacturing and design.

Bringing fresh take from fashion talent

We support new and upcoming fashion designers who are bold, experimental and can bring something fresh to the table. We give designers their due credit to encourage their work.

We give back

Essere Vegano is working with an animal sanctuary in South Brunswick, NJ that shelters abandoned and sick animals. We also support homeless people through Soup Kitchen.

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